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Pantalon d’utilité Professionnelle Homme-Caterpillar

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Pantalon d’utilité Professionnelle Homme-Caterpillar

UGS B086HG9XNT Catégories , ,

Notre pantalon de marque est entièrement équipé pour les travailleurs durs. Complet avec poches à outils, protection contre l’abrasion et poches intégrées au niveau des genoux.

Dimensions du produit (L x l x h) ‏ : ‎

12.7 x 12.7 x 1.78 cm; 453.59 grammes

Date de mise en ligne sur Amazon.fr ‏ : ‎

8 décembre 2017

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10 avis pour Pantalon d’utilité Professionnelle Homme-Caterpillar

  1. Brian B.

    I bought these pants at the beginning of fall, and absolutely love them! Its now the end of February and these pants have not let me down. I always just wore jeans for work before. Have done so for 20+ years. After getting these its all i wear. I probably wore my jeans only a handful of times since, because the cat pants were officially dirty. I say officially because i swear these things repel dirt and dust, not to mention they seem to be water repellent! I’m a in house tile setter for a local builder, i do most of our showers and tile work. I also do carpentry, and operate our hook truck (dumpster hauling) when I’m inbetween tile projects. I also have my hoist and can operate machinery (2a/3c) Before I bought these pants I would dress a bit different depending on what I was doing. Since wearing them for the first time I’ve fallen in love with them. If im working, be it around the house or professionally; I’m wearing my cat pants. I do not always use the pouches, and when tucked away you forget they are even their. The pouches are made from a thinner material, but it seems strong. I do try to be careful with sharp tools. My favorite use for them is for my spacers though! They are perfect for tile setting. You can easily have your knife, 5in1, nippers, and spacers all on you comfortably, plus room for a few other things. Thats just in the pouches! The pockets are awesome too. So many. Everybody will have a different use for each one. Seems like each pocket was made for particular items like a calculator, nailsets, catspaw, wallet, and a few more! I don’t use the knee pads yet, but I will sooner or later. I have proknee knee pads which i prefer for most stuff. However I think the inserts will definitely be useful doing odds and ends where i am up and down alot. Ive just not needed them yet. As i mentioned earlier the pants seem to repel dirt, water and dust. No doubt, if you get grout or thinset or the water from cleaning either its going to stick to the pants, but it washes off easily. I’m a very neat installer and tend to keep clean. I’ll wash it off as i go and avoid making a mess to begin with. if you are a messy tradesman then they probably wont help you in that department. If you are like me and like to keep clean they are great! Ive worn the same pair of pants 5-7 days a week washing only when needed but typically no more then one or two times a week. If when i pat them, dust comes off, or if they look dirty ill wash them. When i wore jeans i had to wear a fresh pair every day! When i first got them i told the wife we will probably wanna get a second pair because i couldn’t go back to jeans after wearing them, lol. But keeping them clean has been a non issue. I am a very particular person. Clean clothing is a must for me. So i am not sacrificing my cleanliness to wear them in this fashion. I have also wore them in a few snowstorms and a blizzard shoveling. During the first storm i didn’t wanna wear the cat pants cause i wanted to save them for work, so i wore my jeans. When i came back in they were soaked like jeans always do. I was froze. It sucked as usual. The cat pants are a bit on the thick side, so i decided to try them out on the next trip out, and wow what difference! No layer, just pants, and i was fine. It was 25 degrees wind and snowing. Pants barely soaked any water up. After that i always just wore the cat pants for snow removal too. I find the pants to fit well based on the size chart. I have the us 36/34 w/L for the cat pants and before that i always wore dickies 34/32. My dickies fit snug/boarder on tite. Were as the cat pants are a bit loose. I may try the next size down on my next pair. I was more afraid of them being to tight.All in all; the bottom line is: GET THE PANTS, THEY EFFING ROCK!! lol. Game changers. Everyone who seems them, loves them. If you are looking at these for someone else as a gift or whatever, buy them! They will love them! Any tradesman will enjoy these pants. Even the guys who still love the overalls will love these pants too!

  2. oscar

    Muy buen material del pantalon, super comodo y resistente, muy utiles las bolsas que tiene integradas a la altura de la cintura, son durables y puedes herramienta de mano cuando trabajasBuscaba un pantalon resistente que usar en mis trabajos de fin de semana y supero mis expectativas.Tome en cuenta los comentarios acerca de la medida, que venia muy justa, asi que siendo 32 lo pedi 34 y fue una gran decision, ya que me queda flojito, justo a como lo necesito, el largo lo pedi en 32, y viene un poco larguo pero nada de cuidado, si usas botas mas voluminosas de casquillo se ajustara perfecto o con un dobladillo queda listo.Lo use primero con un cinto normal, y no me ajustaba bien, asi que compre un cinto tactico tambien en amazon, y fue un gran cambio, y ajusta perfecto., recomiendo compren uno para usar con este pantalon y trabajar comodo y funcional.

  3. DCFR

    I bought these pants as a replacement for a much higher cost item from a big box store. I’m a carpenter and as such I tend to wear through pants like my underwear… Pardon the image, but these pants definitely fit the bill and hold up just as good, if not better than those from the big box stores. The material they are made of is actually decently thick, and resistant to tears. Though if you snag yourself on that stick of rebar, its going to do some damage. They also come with plenty of storage pockets, with two external pockets on a flap for all your miscellaneous screws, bolts, nuts, small tools. Having these as removable via a zipper could be a plus though, as half the time i don’t need them and they are just in the way. But that could also provide its own problems, where to store them, and issues with the zipper, etc. To me a minor detail and i’m ok with having them as i always have various bits/ pencils stuck in them anyways.The pockets on the rest of the pants are somewhat well thought out, and useful. There are two pockets, one on either leg that perfectly fit my samsung s7 WITH a case on it (something my old name brand pants lacked ability for). These days as a carpenter, not having a case is like throwing your phone straight out the box into dumpster. So i’m glad they made the pockets big enough to not only properly fit the phone, but properly close the pocket incase you happen to need to lie completely upside down from rafters (to OH&S, i did not do that on purpose…;) ). Ohh and it is comfortable to wear all day in those pockets as well. Now on the right side there are a series of two pockets which work nicely to hold my ever ready olfa knife which is always on me, and also a spare pencil, incase the one i’m using gets stolen by another coworker… again… It also fits a long snout tin snips rather well. The pocket on the left thigh is also quite useful, but mostly for holding my framing square or any piece of paper i may need such as a blueprint plan. There are literally so many pockets its hard to find a use for them all, but im impressed with how well thought out they were.Now on to my favorite option of the pants. Most brands have these so its not just a plus for Cat for making them. They have a velcro belt hoop on either side of the pants. I’ve found installing a carabiner on each side with one edge flatened down to about 1/8th thick. This then becomes my go to holster for my tape measure, and no matter how often i hang upside down and back upright again, it will not fall out! But the tape may need to have the belt hook shaped to fit the carabiner if it is too thick, which is why i shaved mine to be 1/8th inch. The carabiner also doubles as a tool loop for keys, drills with a hook, or even my caulking gun. I’ve also fashioned a hammer loop out of a 9 inch long, 1/4 inch diameter piece of scrap metal rod. unconventional, yes, but i hate wearing a full size tool belt with a passion! Thats why these pants fit my needs so well.They also have two pockets to install kneepads for those of us that kneed them… sorry, i had to! They work exceptionally well though to be fair, i haven’t really tried them with cat brand knee pads. I just fasioned my own from some thick packaging foam that protected some fake rock we installed. Though i do imagine the Cat kneepads work better and will update my review once i get a set.Now on to durability. I’ve normally worn out a name brand pair in about 8 months to a year, depending on how self conscious i am of the holes showing my underpants… I’ve worn the first set for a year now, nearly every single day of work, and while the color is faded a bit from working in the sun all summer, i have only managed to snag one leg on something. so one hole, and i did have the seam in the left thigh pocket come undone after 6 months use. That i’d say meets or exceeds my expectation, and i’d be happy to recommend to anyone looking to buy a set of pants for less than any big box stores sell them for.As a side note, i must mention that the second pair i had did have the same pocket tear after 2 weeks use. At this i wasn’t happy and so I contacted Caterpillar directly about it and they took care of it for me without issue! To be honest though, don’t contact amazon expecting them to direct you to cat, they sent me to Catfootwear.com who don’t even sell pants… they did this twice, then i ended up having to contact 4 different suppliers of Cat pants before one of them gave me the contact info for their supplier, through whome i was able to get in contact with Caterpillar. Overall when dealing with Caterpillar my experience was the reason alone for buying the pants again!

  4. William Whales

    These are some great pants. Lots of pockets and the material seems like it will last a long time. I will probably be getting another pair for each day of week. Lol

  5. Paul C

    I’m originally from the electrical trades and wish these were around 25 years ago! I am out of the field now but do a lot of my own work and renovations around the house. I recently spent a day busting up tile mudded over a slab. I have conventional knee pads but after wearing them all day, the straps dug into the back of my legs and I was also constantly re-adjusting them. My brother in law is a carpenter and I saw him wearing these and I thought it was a great idea. There are much more expensive brands available but since I don’t wear them for work every day I went with the more reasonably priced CAT brand. I own a pair of their work boots and they’ve performed well, so I figured I’d give these a try. The fit was nearly right-on….I wear 36 x 34 jeans so I ordered the same. Waist is good and length is a little long but wearable. They are slightly baggy but I expected that in work pants. Some reviews don’t like the inner rubber-lined waistband – but I usually tuck shirts into my pants when working so I have access to my tool belt, and the band keeps your shirt from sliding out and producing the infamous plumber’s crack. A great feature for me. After busting up the tile, I laid a wood floor and they were very comfortable throughout the entire process. The inside has a soft lining and they seem pretty durable outside. I mainly bought them for the built-in knee pad feature and ordered the CAT knee pads as well – they are optional and have to be ordered separately (make sure you remove them when washing the pants!). It’s great not having the straps dig into the back of your knee and the pads sliding down my legs. I like the extra pockets and even the front pouch that you can keep tucked-in if you don’t need it (it serves as an old-school nail pouch). Due to the pretty heavy fabric and liner, I’d imagine they would be a bit warm if you wore them outside in very hot weather, but that being said they’re not heavy enough to be considered outdoor winter gear. Overall, they are a good buy at a good price and I’m happy with them so far. (See photo – I’m 6’1 and these are a 36×34). My carpenter brother in-law says he has a few pairs and gets about a year out of them. NOTE: I purchased this item on Amazon for full price and have no affiliation to the seller. I try to write helpful, unbiased and insightful reviews because I also read reviews prior to making my own buying decisions. I notice many reviews lack helpful information, are not well written or give poor reviews based on not reading directions, inexperience or failing to read the product details prior to purchasing. Writing valuable reviews helps pay it forward.

  6. Emmett Hubarth

    I wish the extra pull out pockets were removable.

  7. Víctor Valerio

    Muy buen acabado, como se ven en las fotos, solo que venia mucho mas pequeño según la talla de cintura y un poco mas largo según talla especificada

  8. Bhi

    Pants are Awesome. I have bad knees and bought solely for the knee pad compatibility. Pockets by the knee are a little off, as anyone knows, if you put stuff in pockets that are at your knees its very awkward to kneel. that would be the only down fall. The other thing is wear a size 34 waist and always have. I have a pair of the Cat. H20 Defenders pants which I love also. I order them in a size 34 and they fit great. 34 though in these were SO tight I had return and get a 36 and now they are slightly loose but not too bad. So I would recommend getting a size bigger on the trademark pants! I ordered 5 pairs though after getting the right fit. These are great quality and I feel will last forever. I love the attached pockets in the front, eliminates a work belt half the time now!Def. Recommend these.. along with the H20 Defenders.** I plan on wearing these during winter and they are heavy material and using the H20 Defender during the summer as the material on those are much lighter.

  9. Fred Chen

    Bought them as workpants and they look and feel great. Hard to say how durable they will be but the fabric feels like a more durable form of cotton canvas pants. All the extra pockets, including the outside flaps, are very handy.

  10. Papa Pastie

    So yea. I like them. Realize I do not have a construction history. And in my DIY basements I wore blue jeans n such. Then I found these. So if people in the business knew about these kind of work pants before I may seem silly to be so excited.But what I like. The material that is easy to wash. Super durable. Feels light but think. Strong. Wont hold mud with the wife weave. When it gets wet, like my 12 hour day of power washing in the winter, it doesnt get soaking wet like cotton.The pockets. Awww snap. They are huge. But the best part is what i call the mini tool belt pockets that tuck away in the normal front pickets. So convient. I feel i want these for everyday. As i have a cell phone, reading glasses, charger cablel, credit cards, two sets of keys, breath mints, heck now i can through in a keto snack and more. But i have been using them for tools. But!!!!! I dont have to leave my phone behind. And tool belts van be a lot unless you have a specific job like electric or carpentry framing.Then!!! Should be on all my paints as i age and the middle gets bigger than the but and chest is. The rubber on the inside of the belt line. It keeps the pants up. Seems silly but its wonderful.They what i was looking for. Something when ya bend over or squat you have enough room. These are like life paints. If i was a stay at home dad id love these paints. Bottle. Check. Pasifyer. Check. Id wip it out like a gun slinger from the west will all the pockets. Tood pockets in paints that feel good and stay up.Fashionable. Kinda. Like dont go to a black tie event. But I feel like one of the avengers. However i look like a middle aged man at work. But sont care. I feel like i can tackle stuff.This is not a paid for review. Just check my bad spelling.Thanks designers. Im a now a loyal brand fan.

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